Story Time Phonic Fun (for Nursery and Reception)

Copy sounds with the Nursery Phonics Fairy

Watch the Nursery Phonics Fairy say 's a t p i n m' sounds.

Nursery Phonics Fairy reads Beegu

Beegu is something you have never seen before, Beegu is somewhere she has never been before! Listen to the story to find out what happens to her. Think about how Beegu feels at different parts for the story, have you ever felt the same?

Nursery Phonics Fairy - Beegu words

Can you work with your grown ups to make some silly alien words so you can talk just like Beegu?

Nursery Phonics Fairy reads Harold finds a voice

Watch this story before you start Nursery Phonics Fairy lesson 1.

Nursery Phonics Fairy Lesson 1 - Repeat the sounds

Can you be a super sound copier just like Harold the parrot? Listen to the sounds and say them the same, watch the Phonic Fairy's mouth to see how to make the sounds. Can you guess which object matches the sound.

Nursery Phonics Fairy Lesson 2 - The sound collector

Listen to the poem The sound collector by Roger McGough. Harold the parrot is a sound collector, can you be a sound collector too? Dress up like a parrot and explore your home, what sounds can you hear can you copy them? Why don't you ask your grown up to write down all the sounds you collect.

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